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Educational Characteristics

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As a global fashion school, Rasara is the key to your success.

The curriculum in Rasara is known for its time-honored traditions in fashion and distinguished among other schools.
We are making great progress toward becoming the leader in fashion education through collaboration
and information exchanges with prestigious fashion schools worldwide.Moreover, we are proud of our high employment rate,
which results from producing global talent through our collaboration with industries through our hands-on learning system.


we take care of your credits

Complete all credits required for a bachelor’s degree or earn early graduation by obtaining various certificates and licenses.


We are the shortest route for an admission approval in transferring to other colleges.

Rasara provides you with the essential information necessary for transferring to other colleges and helps with credit transfers using our credit management system


Rasara is your platform
to go global.

Because of our connection with prestigious fashion colleges around the world, you can study abroad and develop your knowledge and skills worldwide.


100% employment rate;
Rasara graduates are ready to begin employment.

Fashion graduates from Rasara are prominent employees in fashion industries and successful as fashion creators.


More specifically… We provide the best

foundation for global talent.

We aim to educate global fashion leaders who are skilled in creative thinking in fashion and who will eventually lead the Korean fashion industries. To do so, we exchange various aspects of information with outstanding worldwide fashion institutes as well as collaborate with them


We are distinguished

by our unique educational system.

The fashion industries now demand a sense of creativity and a global perspective. Accordingly, Rasara develops new curricula and programs that are unique from other institutes for fashion specialists to actively engage in the fashion world


We provide an authentic education

for students to adapt easily to the real world.

Of our three educational objectives of obtaining knowledge, competency, and adaptability, we focus on adaptability to create the competency to adapt to the real world. We do not focus on a grade-level centered education; we emphasize the education required to provide the skills needed by actual fashion industries.


We have a customized

learning system for individual students.

The students at Rasara can earn credits even earlier than expected through the monitoring support of the credit management team and a customized system that monitors credits from the moment of beginning courses at Rasara. Moreover, students can earn licenses, which are can be converted to credits.


We have 2 campuses with differentiated

environments according to their locations.

Rasara has become the primary hub of the fashion field by establishing and continuing both the Rasara fashion vocational school and the Rasara fashion private institute. While preserving our proud traditions, we strive to nurture all of our students to help them make their dreams a reality.