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An undergraduate degree
in fashion design

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Fashion Design Practices 1

Utilizing the basic elements of fashion design, students learn how to design various items and how to generate ideas through design processes.

Creative Design Practices

Using creative thinking, students learn to convert images into 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional objects and to apply the art of fashion while designing creative garments.

Fashion Portfolio

Based on the abilities of designing and planning obtained in fashion-related courses, students learn how to produce professional fashion portfolios to effectively display their talent.

Color Creation

Students learn the fundamentals of color composition and the balance between rationality and creativity. They also learn how to improve their ability in color planning through rigorous practice.

Computer Fashion Design

Students learn how to use the essential graphic software that is specific to the fashion industry and how to apply the techniques to create actual samples.

Fashion Illustration

Students explore the nature of the media and materials to produce characteristic expressions of fabric on various figure poses. Students also learn to express the mood according to the design concept for high-quality fashion illustrations.

Textile Design Practices

ased on the research of fabric markets, students learn how to analyze the apparel and home furnishing fields. As a result, they eventually learn how to design textiles.

Garment Construction 1

Students learn and understand the relationship between 2-dimensional flat patterns and 3-dimensional bodies to create their own garment designs using exceptional sewing skills.

Flat Pattern Design I

This is an introductory course of flat patterns. Students learn about body shapes and how to measure body parts to produce basic slopes and design variations, students learn to apply flat patterns to designs.

Flat Pattern Design II

Students acquire the basic knowledge of garment construction and learn how to create flat patterns of various styles of dresses, pants, and jackets using basic slopes. By the end of the course, students will be able to produce their own garments.

Apparel CAD Practices

Students learn apparel CAD, which is an essential tool in fashion design, and practice its various techniques applicable to fashion design.

Fashion Draping 1

This is an introductory course in which students acquire the basic ability of garment production by learning the fundamentals and principles of producing garments on the dress form by converting concepts into virtual clothes.

Menswear Construction Practices

Students gain knowledge about menswear construction that is required to become a competitive menswear specialist in the evolving fashion industry by practicing the fundamentals and the skills for designing menswear.

Traditional Korean Costume 1

Students will be able to apply the knowledge gained in this course to current fashion by learning the fundamentals and the characteristics of the construction of national costumes as well as to produce them.