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A bachelor's degree
in fashion business

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Fashion Marketing

Students learn the basic concepts of the nature of the fashion industry in which fashion is commercialized. They will be able to plan, produce, and sell fashion products by learning about consumers and goods.

Fashion Merchandising

This course familiarizes students with the role and the necessity of fashion merchandising. Through hands-on experience in launching a brand, students learn the entire process of creating a brand based on real market research and the analysis of fashion magazines.

Apparel MD Practices 1

Students analyze apparel merchandising using the theories of apparel merchandising and practical task theories to comprehensively analyze consumer behaviors based on social, psychological, and economical factors to understand the structure of the fashion industry.

Fashion Styling

Students learn basic knowledge as well as specific styling techniques, such as fashion coordination, to utilize in design. In this course, students analyze the methods used by professional fashion stylists and examine collections from runway shows, magazine styling, and shop display styling to obtain hands-on work experience.

Fashion Coordination

Students learn the basics of fashion coordination and effective application to express wearer’s characteristics and fashion in various ways. This course places emphasis on enhancing fashion sense, segmented coordination, and hands-on practice of design elements, principles, fashion trends, and basic skills.

Fashion Trends Analysis

Students acquire the ability to analyze fashion trends comprehensively and to predict future trends. They learn how to build brand images and how to convey product information and brand images to consumers by understanding the color, design, and coordination of fashion trends.

Visual Merchandising

This course provides the definition and the objectives of visual merchandising, and put forth from industry terminology and theories, seasonal plan, to determination and application of strategy. Students also learn about colors, lines, and compositions to create professional and unique displays and presentations.

Fashion Market Research

Through fashion market research, students will be able to analyze the trends of fashion markets and learn the methods in establishing fashion business strategies.

Fashion Industry Practicum

By visiting actual companies in the fashion industry, students learn hands-on task processes and practice practical skills and techniques.

Fashion media

In this course, students practice actual skills using hardware and software to communicate via general fashion media. This course is designed for students to acquire the skills needed in the 1st century regarding fashion promotion an dadvertisement.Students learn about the overall creation of images and texts, information, andt

Fashion Consumer Behaviors

This course covers demographic, psychological, sociological, cultural, economic, and individual characteristics of consumer behaviors and their role in communication, which helps students understand the environments influencing consumer behaviors. Students will be able to combine the knowledge obtained in this course with fashion marketing strategies.

Fashion E-Business

Students learn about the relationships between the internet and marketing and internet marketing and consumers. They also learn about the management of fashion products for internet marketing. Students actually create an online store and learn how to manage it during this course.