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Guide a bachelor's degree

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We are an officially accredited vocational institute for higher education.
Moreover, we are a time-honored and prestigious school of fashion.

The information below is retrieved from a website of the government organizations involved,
such as the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology; the National Institute for Lifelong learning;
and the Provincial Offices of Education. http://www.cb.or.kr/creditbank/info/info7_1.do


What is the Academic Credit Bank System?

“The Academic Credit Bank System (ACBS) is an open educational system that recognizes diverse learning experiences gained not only in school but also out of school. When a learner accumulates the necessary ACBS-approved credits, he/she can be awarded a degree” (About ACBS page on the website).


“Previously, non-formal modes of higher education were not given official recognition or credit because higher education was understood to be the sole domain of the formal school system. Such a belief placed inordinate demands on the university system and created excessive competition among students. Moreover, the value and power of non-formal education was greatly underestimated” (About ACBS page on the website). “In May of 1995, The Presidential Commission on Education Reform (PCER) presented an innovative vision of a new education system that promotes the development of an open and lifelong learning society. The introduction of the Academic Credit Bank System was proposed by the PCER as a tangible means of realizing this vision” (About ACBS page on the website). “On he basis of this proposal,the Academic Credit Bank System gained government endor sement through alegalactratified by the Acton Recognition of Credits.et con January13,1997.Between May and December of 1997, the accreditation system and the standard izedcurriculumweredeveloped, and the first proposal for accreditation of education alinstitutesand curricul awereevaluated. In March of 1998, with the effective of the En for cement Degree and Regulations of the Acton Recognition of Credits.etc”(AboutACBSpageonthewebsite).


Academic Degree Curriculum

Academic Degree Curriculum for Fashion Specialists at RASARA According to the Act on Recognition of Credits.etc (Act No. 11690), the Academic Credit Bank System recognizes various academic practices and the acquisition of certificates as academic credits. Thus, academic ability is equivalent to college graduation on the condition of the fulfillment of academic requirements and allows for the acquisition of academic degrees so that lifelong study can be recognized. Applicants with the academic ability equivalent to graduation from a high school or a higher educational institution are eligible for admission to RASARA Fashion Design Academy, which the National Institute for Lifelong Education accredits as an educational institution for the Academic Credit Bank System. A bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree in the name of the Minister of Education, Science and Technology on the condition of the full acquisition of the necessary academic credits is provided.

Requirements for Academic Degrees

Title Type Name of Specialty Detailed Requirement
Bachelor's degree Bachelor of Fashion Fashion Design, Fashion Business Acquisition of 140 or more credits (60 or more credits in the major and 30 or more credits of cultural studies)
Associate's degree Associate's degree of Industrial Art Fashion Design, Fashion Business Acquisition of 80 or more credits (60 or more credits in the major and 30 or more credits of cultural studies)
  • The maximum credit is limited to 42 credits per year and 24 credits per semester, excluding credits for the acquisition of certificates. Acquired credits should meet the requirements regarding cultural and major studies of the standard educational procedures.

Steps for the Acquisition of an Academic Degree

  • Registration of applicantsà
  • Request for Recognition of Creditsà
  • Request for an Academic Degreeà
  • Acquisition of a Bachelor’s degree

Certificates of Credit Assessment

Type Maximum number of Certificates for Recognition of Credits Recognition of Credits
Specialty bachelor's degree 2 4 to 45 credits available based on the types of certificates.
Bachelor's degree 3 Maximum 1 credit available for certificates having no relation to the major

Certificates of Credit Assessment

  • Short-term acquisition of an academic degreeà Opportunity for quick employmentà Domestic and foreign internships & employmentà Employment rate of 100%